Mary Irene

Muscogee Creek Jeweler


Mary Irene, Muscogee Creek, began silversmithing in 2009 and has attracted attention for her bold, contemporary pieces. She immediately began traveling with her work and has been accepted into several prestigious shows including the Smithsonian NMAI Indian Market in Manhattan as well as SWAIA Indian Market in Santa Fe, NM. Mary enjoys working primarily with sterling silver and incorporates high end natural stones such as Bisbee turquoise, Mediterranean Coral and natural diamonds. 



She attributes much of her success to having amazing mentors including Cody Sanderson, Olin Tsingine and Jennifer Curtis. She is also very active in working with other up-and-coming jewelers such as Colin Coonsis, JT Willie and Samuel LaFountain. Her inspirations come from natural elements but also have a modern, architectural feel. Mary describes her creative process as "having a relationship with the metal in which you often have to compromise to create something unique." She is very excited to continue her growth as a jeweler and has enjoyed watching her style evolve.